Sustainable Paper Lids

At Origa-Me, we don’t limit ourselves to creating innovative solutions. We create with the future of our planet in mind.

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Learn more about investing in sustainable and responsible packaging

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Learn more about the patent-pending innovations that led to Origa-Me

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Learn how many people will pay more for environmentally friendly products

Origa-Me aims to fight single-use plastic pollution and relieve the consumers of guilty conscience

Easy-to-use in just two steps, for any standard cup

Easy-to-use in two easy steps for any standard cup


Move the lid upward to final position


Fold with pre-treated folding lines

How can Origa-Me be beneficial to your brand?

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    Three words: Sustainability – Responsibility – Branding
  • Plastic-free packaging
  • For hot and cold drinking cups
  • No guilt feelings for plastic use any more
  • Advantages of personalization by printing
Background Benefits

Technical Specifications

Learn more about our patent-pending innovations

  • Safe upward guidance
    Safe upward guidance

    ensures the correct position at the edge of the cup

  • Additional perceptible feedback
    Additional perceptible feedback

    while mounting the lid through the circumferential deepening

  • Circumferential deepening
    Circumferential deepening in the surface

    creates an extended contact surface for better tightness

  • Double sealing ring
    Double sealing ring

    to keep the liquid in the cup even when handled roughly

Professional development made in Germany

  • CAD based development in 2D and 3D using parametric modelling
  • Rapid implementation into prototypes/products
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Market size: A highly scalable business


billion single use fiber cups estimated to be thrown away globally every year


billion = approx. number of lids used for fiber cups


of global consumers under 20 are willing to pay more for environmentally responsible products

Eduard Chernavin

Eduard Chernavin

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Marvin Jacob

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Felix Bonnert

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